Reasons to Buy Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

Whether you are an experienced jewelry designer or are just looking to start out, it is essential to do a good research when it comes to buying wholesale jewelry supplies. There are many reasons why you need to do this. Let’s take a look.

One of the biggest reasons to go for wholesale jewelry supplies is that you can cut down on the cost. If you design jewelry for resale, then the cost factor becomes an integral part of the deciding process. The jewelry making industry is worth millions of dollars and you may have seen that the designs you make are in good demand. So naturally, you will need a variety of supplies to create your pieces. You must always have a good supply of jewelry making elements such as tools, beads, findings, clasps, wire, etc. Finding the right source for all your wholesale jewelry supplies is equally important.

There is huge competition among jewelry designers today. Due to the easy accessibility of all types of jewelry making supplies, anyone can start with jewelry designing from the comfort of their homes. It is not surprising that most of the people who are looking to earn a side income start with jewelry making which is quite good. So with hundreds and thousands of jewelry designers already on the market, it is important to stay competitive. The prices at which you offer your creations should appeal to your customers. If you buy your supplies at a higher price, you will have to sell them off at an expensive price as well. But when you shop wholesale, you get the best deals and so you are able to offer the best prices to your customers as well. This way you can stay competitive in the market and earn massive profits from your creations.

Buying wholesale is very convenient. The more you buy, the better the price you get. Moreover, you don’t have to shop every now and then. Having jewelry making supplies in bulk means that you can create a large number of items without running out of stock. Your customers will be happy because your creations will be available to them when they need it. Dealing with a good wholesaler can make your buying experience very pleasant. There are many wholesalers online that offer the best prices on wholesale jewelry supplies. Always do your research, compare the prices and the quality of the supplies before you make the purchase.

Maximize Your Profits By Selling Snap Jewelry

When you are in the jewelry designing business, it becomes essential to come up with ways to maximize your profits. You cannot afford to sell the same kind of jewelry pieces you had been selling all this while and make more money. Eventually, your customers will also be bored with the usual designs and they will be forced to look for a new place to shop. Keeping updated with the latest trends can help you become more successful as a jewelry designer. It can help you explore the different ideas and use them as part of your jewelry creations as well. Your time as a jewelry designer will be worth much more if you are able to earn more profits from your sales. Taking out a little bit of your time and doing a research will help you become better as a designer and also offer better products to your customers.

Today, not everyone is willing to spend lots of money on fancy jewelry, but everyone wants to buy unique items or those who are trendy. So selling your items as high prices may not do the trick here. Selling jewelry at a low price and still able to make good profits will help your business. So if you have customers who don’t want to spend too much money on fashionable jewelry, then one good option that you have for them is snap jewelry.

Over the years, the concept of making snap jewelry has become really popular. Snap jewelry has a demand these days as well so if you are able to bring them to your customers, you will be able to keep them happy as well as yourself. The concept of snap jewelry is really brilliant. This is because it allows womejewelry stores acrossn and girls to mix and match the pieces. Basically, the idea is to allow individuals to have access to jewelry that can complement all the different colors of their outfits at the lowest possible price. With snap jewelry, it is possible to change the color of the jewelry quickly and effortlessly. For example, if you are on a vacation and have five different items of clothing that you will be wearing throughout the week, then you can change the color of the jewelry by replacing the snap buttons.

The snap buttons can be attached or detached when needed. You can replace the snaps with different colors and patterns of snap buttons. So if you wear blue one day, you can attach blue snap buttons and if you wear red the next day, you can remove the blue snap buttons and replace them with red. It is very easy and this is what makes the whole concept brilliant. It doesn’t even cost much to obtain snap jewelry. All you need is a single bracelet or necklace and a variety of snap buttons. You can get them in packs from jewelry stores across the world.

Top 10 Questions About Customer Service and Business

Question 1: Is it true that the client is always right?

Answer: Yes. The customer is always right. The customer’s perception is reality.

Question 2: If the client is always right, does it mean the service provider is always wrong, even if they have been trained and well prepared for the job?’

Answer: Training and preparation is essential but it cannot prepare us for every possible situation. Things will go wrong sometimes or mistakes will be made. The service provider has to recognise this. If something goes wrong then it is important to learn from that mistake. Find out why it has happened. Speak to the customer and understand their point of view. And then change the system so that the same problem does not happen again.

There is one other alternative. Each business has to decide what type of customers it wants to deal with. It cannot possibly hope to please every type of customer. The business may decide that it cannot solve a particular customer’s problem and decide that it will risk losing that customer. Poor service businesses lose customers without ever making this choice.

Question 3: Since the customer must always be put first, why is it that most organisation charts put the CEO/Chairman/MD on top?

Answer: Most businesses are thinking only of their own organisation, communication and delegation when constructing an organisation chart. They think that everything must come from the CEO or Chairman and draw the chart accordingly.

A business that is truly customer focused will put its customers first. This means drawing the organisation chart as an inverted pyramid. Customers go at the top of the chart and underneath them are the people in the front line. The CEO is at the bottom of the chart.

When the organisation is looked at in this way it becomes clear that the role of management is to support the front line people.

Question 4: Does putting the customer first imply complete capitulation to his/her whims and desires?

Answer: Not capitulation but partnership. If it’s a good customer (one that you value) who asks you to jump then the only question is, “How high?”

Businesses need to remember that there is a cost involved of not resolving a customer’s problem. When dealing with a problem, think about the life time value of the customer before making a decision.

Question 5: Does good customer care cost money?

Answer: Poor customer care costs money. Research shows that poor customer care is the biggest single reason for customers changing their supplier.

Good customer care may require a small investment but the returns can be enormous. Most businesses do not measure how many customers they lose. If they did, they would be able to calculate if it was worth making an investment in customer care.

Question 6: How should management go about when deciding what part of its budget it should allocate to ensure good customer care/relations?

Answer: All expenditure should be viewed as an investment and management should consider how to get the best return on the total investment. Delivering good service means giving the people who really matter (the front line) the resources that they need i. e. training, equipment, systems, support and leadership.

Question 7: What bearing does training have on caring for one’s customers?

Answer: Training is essential. And it shows. Simply investigate any of the world’s greatest businesses and see how much importance they attach to training. Do you think that you would be allowed to sweep the streets at Disney without training? Unfortunately, the education system lets down our students. We teach our children maths and science and verbal language skills. But we do little to teach them the language of human understanding and care.

Question 8: Are customers the same all over the world or do culture and size of a country make a difference?

Answer: Culture makes huge differences. But care and understanding has to come from the supplier. Once a culture of care has been established within a business, that business can work with any country and any culture. When you truly care you will understand your customer.

Customers will not tolerate bad service any more from a small country than they would from a large country. If anything, the customer’s perception might be that a small country should be able to give better service than a large country. Isn’t that why, as customers, we often prefer to deal with small suppliers rather than the multi-national giants?

Question 9: It is not unusual for owner/managers to be obsessed with just making money and refusing to make certain improvements, such as in training, they do not deem absolutely necessary and staff to be just concerned with earning their pay and giving two hoots on how the company performs, especially if it is a large one. Is there a solution to such situations?

Answer: This is true. Some owners/managers have this attitude. It is usually very short-sighted and fundamentally wrong. But unless they are faced with extremely difficult circumstances they are unlikely to change. It’s unfortunate for them and for their customers.

There is a solution to this problem and it starts with leadership. Show me a leader with vision and I’ll show you great service.

There is also a problem in that there are not enough skilled customer service advisors who really understand business performance. It’s okay to know what makes for good service but, unless this can be translated into financial improvement, the business owner is unlikely to change his or her view.

Question 10: What are the three most important ingredients that make a great business and why?

Answer: Leadership, communication and systems. Leadership for the vision, the culture, the willingness to invest and for maintaining principles.

Communication with the internal customer as well as the external customer. Without communication how can we ever spread the vision or respond to our customers. And remember, communication comes in many forms. A cracked cup may say more about your business than an international quality achievement. Systems to make things happen consistently. And when you have systems that really work you can change the system if something goes wrong. Systems allow people to perform the majority of a task subconsciously (just like driving a car) and focus all their conscious effort on the customer.

Derek Williams is creator of The WOW! Awards™ an International Professional Speaker and Chief Executive for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Europe.

How to Date a Capricorn Male

The Capricorn male is born between the 22nd of December and the 19th of January under the sign of the Goat. When you ask how to date a Capricorn male, it can be uncommonly difficult to date a him or even get emotionally close to him. If you persevere, though, you will find him to be exceptionally loyal, loving and a fantastic provider who would never even consider divorce. It is the rewards of dating a Capricorn male that make him so desirable to many women. In the next few paragraphs you will learn all the essentials to succeed in your quest to date a Capricorn male.

The Capricorn male is attracted to career-conscious women who are concerned about their social status and public-standing. It is advisable to act in an almost formal manner, to dress smartly in a suit or something less formal but equally smart, and to enjoy conversation related to career ambitions and current work-related projects. Female executives are quite commonly found attractive by Capricorn males.

Older women tend to be found attractive to younger Capricorn males and vice versa. In both cases, however, whether older or younger, the woman will have a mature outlook on life and career and not act in a frivolous manner. The woman, despite age, will be a responsible adult and competent in her life and career. You should, therefore, have a good job, be progressing well and have ambitions for further advancement, while also having your day-to-day affairs in good order.

Capricorn males dislike large groups of people. If the woman invites him to a social gathering, it it advisable to make it among a tight-knit group of close friends. He will appear aloof and almost absurdly formal in the initial stages of the gathering. As he becomes more accustomed to the people, however, he will open up considerably and sometimes be the life and soul of the party.

It is a struggle to connect emotionally with a Capricorn male. They are extremely cautious about forming emotional relationships. The key is for the woman to have patience. It takes time for him to open up emotionally. Once he does, however, you will find him to share his emotions with you more than is normal and be an exceptionally loving and loyal individual. Take your time to win his heart.

Capricorn males abhor frivolous gifts. If you want to buy him a gift you must ensure that it is something useful, practical. He will like books, jewelry, financial instruments. He craves items of worth that will sustain him or better his lifestyle in some manner.

Capricorn men enjoy the countryside and plants. It would be an idea to treat your Capricorn man to a picnic in the park or a vivifying walk in the country.

When going out for a meal, the Capricorn male will take the woman to a restaurant of high class. It is necessary to dress appropriately and conduct oneself in the correct manner. The woman will be treated like a lady in an almost old-fashioned manner and, likewise, the woman should respond appropriately and in an equally formal manner.

Compliments are not accepted easily by the Capricorn male. He will tend to shrug them off or laugh them away. The woman should persevere and let the man know her compliments are, indeed, sincere and heart-felt. He will especially respond to compliments of his appearance, career and intelligence. Do so well and he will open up emotionally.

The Capricorn male is a traditionalist who believes in a strong work-ethic and acting in a socially-acceptable manner. When you ask how to date a Capricorn male, you must understand what makes him tick before truly understanding how to date him. Like everyone, the Capricorn male is attracted to people who mirror themselves. If you commit the above paragraphs to memory, you will successfully enjoy dating a Capricorn male.

Random House Book Publishing

Publishing business has been one of oldest business in the planet and has been existent since a number of decades. Some of the publishing houses are existent since decades. One among such old publishing house is the Random house book publishing which has been around since 80-90 years. It was established in the year 1927 by Bennett Cerf and Donald Klofer in New York, USA. Since then they have been one of the best publishing houses in the USA and has been publishing the works of number of authors. This publishing house has not restricted it self to USA but has also published its books in countries like England, Canada, Australia etc.

Since a number of years it has published some good books which have become best sellers in their respective countries. It has not restricted itself to novels but has also published books which are read by children. Academic books which cater to the needs of students are also published by random house book publishing. Though it has a very strong hold its hometown at is USA, it has also given some best sellers in England. An avid reader will be very familiar to the name of Random House book publishing. Random house book publishing has a number of imprints like Bantam Publishing Group, Random house Audio Publishing Group, Random house ventures etc.

Each of these imprints perform a different function i. e. one imprint may focus on speculative fiction books and the other may focus on other forms of book and so on. This kind of working helps to publish books in a more organized manner. Competition has grown over the years in the publishing business due to existence of number of players in this field. In spite of this competition Random House book publishing has proven itself to be as one of the leading publishing house not only in the USA but also in other countries. Along with publishing books of well-known authors the publishing house also gives chance to new-authors. Thus, it provides a good blend for the readers. As the publishing business has developed, the Random House publishing has also adopted modern methods for publishing in order to keep in pace with the developing world. Some the best sellers that the Random House book publishing has given are as follows:-

1) Nigella Express – Nigella Lawson

2) Hannibal Rising – Thomas Harris

3) Who Moved My Cheese – Spencer Johnson

4) Against The Day – Thomas Pynchon

5) Eternal – Craig Russell

6) The Player – Boris Becker and so on.

The striking factor about the Random House book publishing is the number of imprints it has in the countries where it has established its business. This factor distinguishes it from the other existing publishing houses. All this years the Random House book publishers have continued to maintain their hold in the market and this has been made possible only by the continuous developments that company has been making. The company promises to continue its growth in the coming years in spite of the competition in the publishing business.

Stop Foreclosure the Legal Way

Anyone these days can be suffering from foreclosure problem regardless reasons. If you have received notice of default which is usually the first step in a foreclosure process, there’s no need to feel hopeless. There are still ways to stop foreclosure and you can still save your home.

The typical time to save it is from 90-120 days upon the issuance of the notice of default.

Most of the time, divorce issues, loss of job, higher monthly payment due because of reset on adjustable mortgage can be reasons why foreclosure happened, there are ways to stop it, here are some of them:

Call the lender loss mitigation department – you can find help from this office. They have a particular solution to your foreclosure concern. Reinstatement is one of the best ways to stop foreclosures which they can offer you.

Except if you are capable of paying lump sum money to bring the payments now, this will not be reliable anymore. Any foreclosure workout even formal repayment plan will be introduced to you in the loss mitigation department. You will need to share some details regarding your financial situation so you need to be prepared.
Refinancing mortgage owe by you will allow to cash in on the equity in your home while incorporating late payments. Interest charges and fees into a new loan will put you back on track. When you and your creditor happen to compromise on an agreement, don’t put off the decision to look for refinancing your home loan.

It may take time to find financing firm but this will also be a good way for you to stop foreclosure from getting your home. By simply contacting a home loan professional to inquire about refinancing right away. You will also be able to find enlightenment regarding your agony.

Selling your home can also be another helpful alternative. Deciding to wait while you put your home on the market can be an alternative. It will help you increase your chances of getting a fair price for your home dropping.

An offer of a quick closing or an all cash transaction may mean less than your home’s worth. While waiting may mean putting off any repairs and offering your house in an as is condition at a reduced listing price. It will be very advantageous to you if you will find someone who is knowledgeable in real estate problems because they can help you find an advantage to certain options.

Keeping your thoughts on tract will be favorable to you, these will also help you carry on:

Respond to letters from creditors
Keep records of your finances and budget records
Prepare a lists of your necessities
Make promissory notes in writings not just verbally.
Consult a lawyer regarding mortgage payment, taxes, and dealings that involves real estate properties. Since this is a valuable investment you should be very careful in making deals.
Consult a credit counselor if you think your credit rating needs a repair.

Traits of a Successful Trader

Mastering fundamental and technical skills of trading appears to be quite easy to most people when compared with mastering the mindset of successful trading. Let us examine some of the traits that make a person a successful trader. They are in no particular order.

Have clear trading objectives. Do not just throw money at short-term trades and sit back expecting to ‘make it rich’. Map out exactly how much of your total investment capital you will risk in short-term strategies and spread that risk over many different trades instead of ‘putting it all on red’.

After setting your objectives, believe you can achieve them. If you don’t believe in your plan, how can you possibly expect to have that plan succeed for you?

Prepare plan for each trade before the market is open. Always do you analysis and map out entry and exit points when the market is closed. If you try to jump on ‘hot stocks’ during the trading day, you are not a short-term trader, you have become a day trader. Day traders must operate under much different rules, so it is best for most of us to stick to well planned short-term trades.

Regularly review your trades. Pick them apart, both good and bad. Look for what could have been done to make the trade better. Honest self- evaluation is the single best way to improve your performance.

Focus on the positive, but deal quickly and correctly with the negative. Do not dwell on your mistakes, but do not gloss them over either. Have a fair and balanced view of how you are performing and keep a positive attitude to keep yourself on track.

What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property

Cap Rate in general, is a metric that determines the rate of investment return from a real estate purchase. This means that it is a figure that is trying to reach with greater accuracy, the investment value of a property by purchase or rent. The purpose of use of the Cap Rate is to enable the investor to calculate how long the investment will generate depreciation and profit.

For the correct calculation of the Cap Rate, we should take into account the income from the rental of this house, it’s operating costs, as well as the current market value. For example if you have a X amount of house worth, and a rent with a Y value, and Z is its operating costs over time, then the Cap Rate is calculated as the value (Y – Z) / X.

It is easy to understand that the larger the income from the rent and lower the operating costs of the accommodation, the Cap Rate increases. Correspondingly the same applies when the market value of the property decreases. These figures are important and it is advisable to monitor the real estate investors, since it can be a great aid in cases of investment risk in homes or other property.

Practically there is no financial tables that could show us “What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property”. Nor is it right that we make rough designs and calculations when talking about buying a property for investment. For others, the Cap Rate is something simple, why invest a little money to purchase a property, the rent to normal value and minimize operating costs, exerting enough personal work. This means that their investment will quickly bring depreciation and the desired profit.

In other cases, the purchase of a residence can have even better Cap Rate, even if it is a luxurious residence on an island, which means that its market value is high. This is because one luxury house for rent is in increments price, and that he who hires such a home, usually has the more money to spend on it. Also the luxuries usually leave no damage or other random expenses for this house.

But how do I know What Is a Good Cap Rate for a Rental Property; as we mentioned before, the size of the Cap Rate is relevant both in terms of the actual residence, and at retail level, amenities and operating expenses. But if we had to mention based on the current trend of what size Cap Rate market is quite favorable to invest, we would say that it should be in the range of 8% or more. Many year real estate investments dealers, attempting purchases with a relative risk of investing with a rate of 5%, but in general if you’re just outside this market, it is best to walk for sure!

Opiate Addiction: Tips for Treatment

Methadone is a particularly addictive drug, but is often used in the treatment of heroin addiction. Also known as Symoron, Dolphine, Amidone and Methadose, Methadone belongs to the opioid family of drugs. This prescription drug is often prescribed to treat the pain and withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction. For a person trying to get off heroin, their doctor may prescribe this drug to help them cope while their body experiences living without the drug in its system. This not only helps make it easier for an addict to cope while they are dealing with intense withdrawal symptoms from stopping, but also can prevent serious medical issues such as heart attack and stroke.

Methadone is the first step of treatment for many addicts. It gives them the chance to get off the drugs without having withdrawal symptoms so extreme that they can barely function. For serious addicts, these withdrawal symptoms can last for months, even longer. For some people, they will feel urges for the rest of their life. It is definitely not easy to overcome a drug addiction, but this is a necessary process for someone hooked on drugs who wants to get clean. Methadone can help you get your life back, so if this is something you’re interested in, you should talk to your doctor to get more details. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and get you a prescription if you are thought to be a good candidate for the drug.

The detox process is essential for anyone trying to get off heroin. Be prepared for serious withdrawal symptoms, including anything from muscle aches, anxiety and muscle tension to headaches, nausea and agitation. You may feel edgy, moody and miserable, you may notice that you’re sweating or even feel almost feverish. These are all normal, expected symptoms. Physical and emotional symptoms are expected, especially with a drug like heroin. These symptoms are occurring because you are stopping the drugs after heavy and prolonged use, forcing your body to become dependent without the use of the drugs.

Keep in mind that you may have to take additional medication along with the Methadone drug, especially if you notice that you are experiencing very intense symptoms. You may be placed on long-term maintenance, which means you could be taking Methadone for the long-term or even for the rest of your life, if your doctor feels it is helpful for your recovery. You need to stay in close contact with your doctor to properly monitor your progress. They can ensure there are no potential complications arising as a result of your treatment, such as aspiration or dehydration.

The most important thing is that after you go through treatment, once you have gotten yourself on the right track and aren’t using anymore, that you do whatever it takes to stay off the drugs. The last thing you want is to end up back in the same situation you started, having to start all over from square one. Go through a support group or have regular sessions with a therapist, to have someone there to talk to and support you during this difficult time in your life. It always helps to have someone there who you can feel safe venting to, expressing your feelings and getting support from when you’re not feeling at your strongest.

Millions of people suffer from heroin addiction, and if you are one of those people, at least you know you have options. Methadone is an effective treatment for heroin addicts, offering many advantages to users as a means of treatment.

Opiate Addiction and Types of Treatment Provided

Suboxone has produced the least amount of acclaim for drug addiction treatment, yet it is the one drug that is widely dispensed by physicians.

If you are taking a prescription drug right now, chances are you are taking it incorrectly. Misuse is a major health problem in the United States. The U.S. Government estimates approximately 11 Million Americans are dependent on drugs, but there are more addicts than drug centers. A large percentage of addicts seeking help face long waiting lists and thus become hesitant to start a program once their name surfaces to the top of the list. Almost 70 percent of people face a waiting list for longer than thirty days.

Those dependent on prescription drugs have a mind-set that is different from what addiction-free individuals believe. Addicts are resistant to letting go of their drugs. They typically justify their drug use because for many, they have gotten the drugs legitimately, from their doctor. Some addicts do not realize they are prone to addiction, and they can become hooked on a legal drug. Equally unfortunate is the addict who finally realizes they require help, and then seek help only to be placed on a waiting list. In the end, far too many addicts go untreated. It would seem the odds are against addiction treatment, but Suboxone relieves this problem since the guidelines to prescribe the drug is more relaxed and offer greater flexibility.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone contains two active substances, buprenorphine and naloxone, both used to treat dependence on opioid drugs. The cost of treatment depends on the dose used and the frequency of services. This cost is higher than that of methadone treatment when the two drugs are served daily; however, there is greater flexibility in prescribing Suboxone.

How Does Suboxone Work?

Suboxone binds to opioid receptors, and thus produces welcoming effects of euphoria, and a secure comforting feeling, although at much lower levels than those addicts would of total opioid agonists such as methadone. The effects of these agonists are sufficient to allow addicts to stop the misuse of opiates, without encountering withdrawal symptoms.

The Benefits of Suboxone

· Less risk of respiratory problems
· Lower risk of overdose
· The withdrawal symptoms are less profound than when using methadone to combat addiction
· Euphoric symptoms occur less

Adverse Effects of Suboxone

The side effects of Suboxone mainly occur when too much of the drug is taken. The symptoms are similar to the side effects of opiates:

· Headache
· Sick
· Constipation (delayed bowel function)
· Poor sleep
· Sleepy
· Drowsiness
· Dizzy
· Sweaty
· Breathing difficulties (always contact a doctor)
· Dry mouth (brushing your teeth regularly and extra good care of your teeth)
· Slight pain is felt with less risk of causing more inflammation or untreated injuries
· Psychological problems (hallucinations, nightmares, depression) treatment should be coordinated with psychologist
· Itchy rash (contact your physician in connection with possible allergic reaction)
· Sleep apnea (consult a physician)
· Difficult to urinate (call a physician)

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